10 Business Idioms You Could Use In Your Next Presentation

When was the last time your mind went blank while giving a presentation or sales pitch? What did you do? Do you get carried away when talking about your service or product? And do you always do your homework before a presentation? It’s time for some more business idioms. Well, I say business idioms but it’s not strictly true. You can use the following idioms outside a business context too. I’ve decided, however in this post, to show you how you could use it in your next business presentation. You could also think of where else you’d use them and share your ideas with me in the comments box. So here goes. 1. Do your homework If you want your presentation to be a success, you need to make sure you do your homework, in other words, do your research. 2. Green light As you can see, the systems are all in place, so all we need is the green light from you to get started. (the permission) 3. Fire away! We’ll now take your questions so fire away! (over to you – informal) 4. At your finger tips

Source: 10 Business Idioms You Could Use In Your Next Presentation